Concerns About Your Child Being Interviewed, Photographed and/or Videotaped?

    Contact PRSD & Complete Form
    Deadline: Sept. 15 of each year. If it is beyond this date, please know you can still submit the form.  We need a little time to notify appropriate staff members.  Videotape & Photograph Form.
    Questions, contact the Communications Office at rhathhorn@pinerichland.org
    Periodically, the Pine-Richland School District publishes photos of students in newsletters, calendars, handbooks, and brochures. The district also publishes photos electronically (via website) and in video productions (PRTV). In addition, the local media will photograph or videotape students. 

    Please be aware PR does not include elementary child's name with his or her picture on the website or in a video, unless a parent is notified or a parent notifies the district of their child's accomplishment.

    If you give the district permission to use your child's photo or video of your child, do nothing. However, if you do not wish your child to appear in video or photographs, please fill out the form below.

    In addition, discuss your wishes with your child so he or she knows to notify someone that he or she cannot be photographed and/or videotaped, should a situation arise. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Director of Communications Rachel Hathhorn at (724) 625-7773, ext. 6202.

    Videotape & Photograph Form