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               Wondering How to Navigate PR's     
                Paperless School Board System?

    If you want to stay more in touch with
    school policies and procedures at Pine-Richland School District, you'll want to navigate the district's paperless school board system.
    The system is called BoardDocs, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

    BoardDocs allows PR to provide more information to our community electronically. The system is environmentally friendly and saves time.  


    What's Available?   


    As you log on to the paperless system, you will notice six main tabs.  


    Welcome, Meetings &      

    Agenda Tabs


    Under the Featured Tab, you can view a schedule of upcoming meetings, as well as procedures to address the board.  You can view all current and previous agendas, when clicking on the Meetings Tab. The purpose of a planning meeting agenda is to list upcoming items for vote at the regular meeting later in the monthSometimes action items are taken at planning meetings.


            * Meeting Format

    The meeting agendas are broken down into several parts. The opening of the meeting consists of recognition of visitors and approval of minutes. The meeting is then divided into several areas including:   

    • Finances
    • Buildings & Grounds
    • Academic Achievement
    • Student Activities
    • Staff Services
    • Operational Services

    This is the time the board votes on various actions.  Throughout the meeting, board members will schedule governance meetings addressing the above areas.


    The final portion of the meeting includes any reports, final public recognition and adjournment.


    * More About Meetings
    Governance, planning and regular meetings are open to the public. Planning and regular meetings are usually held the second Monday of the month except when noted.  Click here for a list of upcoming meetings.


    Policies Tab 

    If you click on the Policies Tab, you can view all current policies that are updated regularly.


    Library Tab

    Under the Library Tab, you can view all approved meeting minutes.


    Search Tab 

    By clicking on the Search Tab, you can search meetings, items in the library and minutes.


    Other Resources

    In addition to BoardDocs, the district has a School Board Web Page, which provides additional information on:  

    • Governance Subject Topics
    • Meeting Dates
    • Overview of Most Recent Action Items 
    • School Directors