• Graduate
    Graduation Overview

    The Pine-Richland School Board will acknowledge each student's successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the student's interests and needs by awarding diplomas and certificates of attendance at graduation ceremonies. To view, PR Graduation Policy #217, visit this link.

     In addition to locally developed graduation requirements, the Pennsylvania State Board of Education outlines regulations within Chapter 4: Academic Standards and Assessment that outline additional graduation requirements for students.
    Other Important Guidelines
    • Accurate recording of each student's achievement of academic standards shall be maintained, as required by law and state regulations. 
    • As required by the State Board of Education Regulations, proficiency on relevant Keystone Exams will serve as a stand-alone graduation requirement and for state accountability under federal law. Students who did not score at the proficient level on a Keystone Exam should participate in supplemental instruction prior to re-taking exam(s). Eligible students may also demonstrate proficiency through the project-based assessment designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education or locally developed assesment.

    • Beginning with the Class of 2017, the performance level demonstrated for each relevant Keystone Exam will be placed on the student transcript.
    • Waivers to graduation requirements may be granted by either the superintendent or Pennsylvania Secretary of Education on a case-by-case basis for specific reasons outlined in the legislation.

    • Students may receive counseling to inform them of the graduation requirements they are required to complete.  Periodic warnings shall be issued to students in danger of not fulfilling graduation requirements.
    • The board will permit a student with a disability, who has attended four (4) years of high school, to participate in commencement ceremonies with his/her graduating class and receive a certificate of attendance, even if the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) prescribes continued educational services.  The student may receive a high school diploma when s/he completes his/her Individualized Education Plan.
    • A requirement for graduation shall be the completion of required assessments, work and studies representing the instructional program which are aligned to established academic standards.
    • The board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned 24 credits.
    • The fourth year of high school shall not be required for graduation if a student has completed all requirements for graduation and attends a post secondary institution as a full-time student.
    • A student may qualify for graduation by attending the high school part-time when officially and concurrently enrolled part-time in a post secondary institution.