• Student Assistance Program

    The Student Assistance Program, known as SAP, is made up of a group of professional staff members who have received training to assist students in dealing with behaviors that create barriers to learning and interfere with their academic performance as well as their social, physical and mental development.
    How can SAP help your son, daughter or family? 
    • Identify barriers to learning (i.e. academic, behavioral, attendance, social or physical symptoms.)
    • Gather student information (i.e. grades, attendance, and discipline reports.)
    • Meet with student and/or parent/guardian to share information.
    • Suggest community resources and in-school support to address any/all barriers to learning.
    • Maintain continuous support for the student in school.
    Once permission is received, the team can gather objective information about your child’s performance in school from school staff members who have contact with your child. A Student Assistance Program team member will also talk with you either in person or over the phone about your observations, your child’s strengths, and your concerns.

    The SAP Team will develop a plan of action with you to help your child achieve success in school. The plan might include services and activities in school and/or services from a community agency.
    If necessary, the SAP Team will talk with you about services in the community and give you information on how to contact others who may be able to help.
    When to Be Concerned


    • Withdrawing from family, friends and/or school
    • Changing friends: no longer spending time with old friends
    • Unexplained physical injuries
    • Talking about suicide
    • Depressed
    • Defying authority, both at home and at school
    • Acting aggressively
    • Lying
    • Needing money without explanation
    • Sudden drop in grades
    • Experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol