Classroom Diagnostic Tools

    Classroom Diagnostic Tools
    In an effort to continue to identify student-specific data to guide instructional decisions, Pine-Richland Middle School will use Pennsylvania's Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT) for science, ELA, and Math

    This online adaptive test is currently being used in seventh and eighth-grade mathematics & science and English language in 8th grade. The results are immediate and can be used by teachers to direct instruction and determine flexible grouping in order to provide support for students who need additional help, or enrichment for students who are ready for a greater challenge.   

    The Classroom Diagnostic Tools are aligned with our curricula and state standards. CDTs are scheduled in September. Please review the testing calendar for specific dates on these tools as well as other assessments. (See link along the left-hand side of your screen.)
    For more information on the Classroom Diagnostic Tools, download this reference guide.