• PRMS-TV Club encourages the filmmakers and television broadcasters of tomorrow to begin today. Club members produce and anchor the live morning news announcements almost every school day. New members are always welcome! No previous TV, video or film experience is required. To join, vist the club's  Google Classroom, or contact Mrs. Murslack.

Stranger School

  • This is the final cut of PRMS-TV Club's first film of the 2021-22 school year, Stranger School.
    7th & 8th graders wrote, filmed and starred in this Halloween themed collaboration. Several members of PRMS's faculty and staff also have crucial cameos.  See if you can spot them all! 

    (Please click the full-screen button to take advantage of every pixel on your screen.)

    The student writers and producers spent the first two weeks of October (2021) in pre-production.  They scripted and storyboarded the subsequent film shoot.  The following interactive slideshow documents the production, or filming phase.

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