Booster & Parent Organizations

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    Pine-Richland School District recognizes and appreciates the efforts of all the community-based booster and parent organizations at work within the district.

    The school board further recognizes that the purpose of these groups is to assist and support, but not direct or supplant the activity or athletic program.

    In this section, you will find links that provide guidance on how to organize your group, as well as information on the latest requirements. Booster leaders can view the video below for an overview of booster policies, resources and more.

Booster Video

Booster Organization Bylaws

  • The Pine-Richland Unified Booster Organization's (PRUBO) bylaws may be viewed at PRUBO Bylaws.
    Additionally, each member group also has its own set of bylaws. Please contact the respective President of each group to review.

    PRUBO is the parent organization which holds the group exemption.  PRUBO has subordinate member groups that are a part of our IRS Group Exemption.  All member groups under PRUBO support the students of Pine-Richland School District and have independent EIN#'s, independent Executive Boards and their own By-Laws.  Note: not all PR booster/parent groups are members of PRUBO.