Special Education

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    Parent/Guardian Workshop on Stress & Anxiety - PRTV Production Group

    Parent/Guardian Workshop on Stress & Anxiety

    Expert Joni Sturgill discusses the impact of stress on the brain and nervous system.  She offers evidence-based coping practices and the attention-building practices of mindfulness and deep breathing.

    Author: PRTV Production Group   
    Length: 01:28:25
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    OVR Presentation - Bill Clack

    OVR Presentation

    The Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, or OVR, provides vocational rehabilitation services to help persons with disabilities prepare for and obtain employment.

    Author: Bill Clack   
    Length: 44:37
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    Special Reading Resources - Bill Clack

    Special Reading Resources

    Learn more about resources for adults and students who have difficulty reading because of visual, physical and/or learning differences
    The Carnegie Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped's manager dicusses the latest technologies being deployed by the library to assist adults and students with visual, physical, or learning differences in accessing free digital and recorded books.
    Author: Bill Clack   
    Length: 59:06
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    The Digital Age: Possibilities & Pitfalls - Bill Clack

    The Digital Age: Possibilities & Pitfalls

    We understand the opportunities and challenges connected to the constant evolution of technology. It can be difficult and impossible to keep up with those changes.

    On May 11, 2015, parents/guardians had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of digital citizenship, identify areas of potential concern and collaborate with other parents regarding boundaries, experiences and much more. In this video you willl hear what those in attendance learned.

    Author: Bill Clack   
    Length: 33:11
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    Transition in the Individualized Education Program (Part III) - Noel Hustwit & Bill Clack

    Transition in the Individualized Education Program (Part III)

    Presenters: PRSD Director of Special Education Noel Hustwit &  PR Transition Counselor, Stephanie Skrinjar... from April 13, 2015.


    Author: Noel Hustwit & Bill Clack   
    Length: 30:08
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    Intro to Special Education (Part I) - Noel Hustwit and Stephen Karpinski

    Intro to Special Education (Part I)


    • Child Find
    • Developmental Milestones
    • Red Flags
    • Evaluation Process
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NoREP)
    • Parental Input
    • Qualification 
    • Who to contact
    • Glossary of Terms



    Author: Noel Hustwit and Stephen Karpinski   
    Length: 00:28:38
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