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Important Calendar Update

Important: School Calendar Update

Calendar Update
Greetings to Students, Staff and Parents,
Although we are still in the heart of winter, we wanted to provide a school calendar update. Students in Pennsylvania are required to attend 180 days of instruction. It is our general practice to schedule 182 days when the calendar is approved so that we have some flexibility if cancellations become necessary.
Thus far, we have had five district-wide cancellations this year. We had previously communicated that March 25, 2019 and March 26, 2019 are now regular school days for students and staff. The use of these emergency make-up days help us meet the 180 days of instruction.
As a next step and strategy, the district administration made application to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for consideration of two days as Act 80 days. Act 80 days are focused on professional development for staff but count as student instructional days toward the 180-day requirement even though students do not need to attend school on those days. February 18, 2019 and April 22, 2019 were approved by PDE as Act 80 days.
The bottom line - as of today - is that we have missed five (5) days but have accounted for four (4) of those days due to emergency make-up and Act 80. We still have a “buffer” of one day. We will continue to communicate calendar information to our families in the upcoming weeks as we progress through winter. The power outage issue today at two of our schools will also need to be reviewed with PDE.
For staff, there will be additional and specific communication about the impact of school closures on work days, hours, and/or make-up responsibilities.