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Get Website Alerts on Your Screen

Activity Stream Are you looking for a more convenient way to get the latest upcoming events and headlines and features from your building or child's school? Maybe you have more than one child, who attends different buildings?

The website activity stream will allow you to receive alerts. The system allows you to pick and choose which school buildings you would like to follow to create an activity stream.

Try it now!  You should create a user account at if you don't already have one.

Create an account by clicking on the “register” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the website.  

Once you register you can customize your activity stream by clicking the white globe in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you already have an account, log in and look for the white globe on the left-hand side of your screen.

Please note, signing up to the website is different than signing up for eNews. By signing up to the website, it will not change your eNews notifications that arrive via email.

Rachel Hathhorn
7246257773, ext. 6202