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Students Help Welcome Back Staff

Nearly 300 Students helped welcome back more than 500 staff members back to campus on August 19, 2019. In addition to the traditional presentations by the AF-JROTC, RAMbunctious, the PRHS Marching Band, Colorguard, Dance Team, Cheerleaders, and the Orchestra program, students presented what they envision as some of the most important skills that they are developing as Pine-Richland students.  

Within the Student Progress & Engagement category of the strategic plan, one of the 2019 - 2023 long-term goals is to "measure and respond to students holistic indicators (e.g., graduate portrait).  Through the strategic planning process and regular discussions with staff and parents, we know that there are many desired elements for a PR Graduate that go well beyond knowledge in certain content areas. What are these elements? How can we define them? The long-term goal was established for the purpose of clarifying these characteristics and considering how they fit within the educational programs.

Although "graduate" is mentioned in this initiative, it is understood that students develop the knowledge, skills, habit, and characteristics throughout each and every year. In the district kick-off event held today, we had six students help introduce each category and share a personal example of how that dimension is part of his/her respective life. The students and topics included:

  • Skills - Michael Lattari (8th Grade)
  • Health & Wellness - Elise Duckworth (6th Grade)
  • Knowledge - Alec Anderson, Frankie Holderman-Berger, and Aeriella Ryer (3rd Grade)
  • Personal Qualities & Characteristics -  Enyo Akwayena (12th)
    Collage of students Collage of students
Rachel Hathhorn