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Review a K-3 Update

March 11, 2021
Dear K-3 Families,
As you know, our students in grades 4-12 have been offered the opportunity to return to 5-day instruction at a reduced level of physical distancing. At the K-3 level, students interested in attending 5-days have been able to do so since the start of the year. We have been able to design the classroom spaces to allow for 6 feet of physical distancing in large part because of the addition of 14 teachers, use of additional spaces, and the number of full virtual students.
We have continued to receive individual requests to return to in-person instruction (e.g. full virtual to in-person; A/B to 5-day). While there are only a handful of new requests across the entire K-3 grade level, we wanted to share the following update with all families K-3. If your child is currently in an impacted classroom, or if the classroom becomes impacted later in the year due to model change requests or a new student moving into the district, we will communicate with you directly, through the classroom teacher and building principal.
Since the K-3 families opted to attend 5-days with the 6 feet of physical distancing in place, we do not believe that we should alter this model without notification of families and enough time to work through the impact it would have on the classroom. Our hope is that there might be volunteers in a classroom, who are willing to reduce the space between their child and other children in the classroom to no less than 3 feet, but as close to 6 feet as possible, in order to accommodate enough space to fit another child into the room. Even if the whole classroom of individuals would not wish to do this, having just 4 students and their families willing could create a smaller distance between a few desks, with all other desks being 6 feet apart. If we are able to achieve this, we could accommodate the other child without having to go to a rotational attendance schedule within that classroom.
As classrooms are identified as having a need for more students than can be accommodated at 6 feet of physical distancing, we will be emailing a GoogleForm to seek input from the individual families. That information will be utilized to determine if the children can be accommodated with reduced physical distancing for some or all of the students, or if a rotational attendance schedule would be preferential.
We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeking input only if the situation should arise in your child’s classroom. Many thanks for your collaboration this school year!
With Respect & Gratitude,
Kristen M. Justus, Ph.D.
Asst. Superintendent for Elementary Education & Curriculum
Greta Kuzilla, Ed.D.
Hance Elementary School Principal
Jenna Sloan
Richland Elementary School Principal
Kelly Gustafson
Wexford Elementary School Principal
Paula Giran