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Directors Visit Classrooms

The Pine-Richland School Board visited four of the district building classrooms on November 26, 2021. The purpose of the visits was to deepen understanding and oversight of the in-depth program review recommendations and the implementation of the current health & safety plan. The board had the opportunity to see new programs, curriculum, technology, and processes in place, working for students, and to talk with the teachers and administrators that have been delivering these programs. 
At Pine-Richland Middle School, Dr. David Kristofic, principal, led our tour. Teacher Cecelia Kelly provided the team with a demonstration of the Collaboration Room. With a 3-D printer provided by PROF, new 3D printing pens, and Arduino circuit board kits, the room enables students to explore STEM concepts in a creative and cooperative manner.
PRMS librarian Kristen Rowe had the opportunity to show off the remodeled middle school library, designed to create flexible spaces for individual work and small group collaboration. This concept will help the library department to promote the core competencies identified in the 2019 - 2020 Library Sciences In-Depth Program Review. More details on the library renovations and curricular improvements can also be seen in this video from Mrs. Rowe.
In addition to classroom visits at Pine-Richland High School, the board and high school administration spent time reviewing student mental health supports led by counselor Jennifer Bowers, social worker Carolyn Welshonce, and Dr. Maura Paczan, lead psychologist.
High school nurse Michelle Schonbachler provided a detailed review of current COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. We engaged in a frank discussion of how additional complexities of a mask-less classroom environment would pose to those efforts.
At Eden Hall Upper Elementary, board members had the opportunity to observe some of the many creative and innovative solutions adapted to maintain physical distance during lunch periods, hear positive student feedback on those changes, and experience the joyful student energy. Eden Hall principal Steven Smith also took us to visit classrooms and observe teachers and students engaged in various levels of critical reading strategies from the Big 5 of Reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension), an instructional approach that helps students interact with and understand text. This instructional approach comes from Recommendation #4 of the ELA In-Depth Program Review
Hance Elementary principal Greta Kuzilla, Ed.D., led the board through a discussion and demonstration of guided reading groups with first-grade teacher Erin Pritchard. These form part of the district’s Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) that help every student achieve and grow. We also participated in a hybrid-classroom lesson with students from the PRVA+ in-person and online with teacher Sarah Skowronski. Finally, the team observed a building-wide assembly aligned with the Rams Way and Kindness Initiatives. These initiatives are designed to promote positive student behavior by encouraging students to be Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Safe at all grade levels.
The board is proud to work with the administration, teachers and support staff at all of our buildings to create a supportive learning environment for our students. By aligning with the strategic plan, those efforts create a system of accountability to the board and to the community for progress toward measurable goals. We appreciate the engagement of our staff, students, families, and community organizations in these efforts. To read more details, view the board communication website.