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Meet the Cast of Mamma Mia!

Stories and photos by Maddy Homer, staff writer for The Rampage Newspaper

The cast of Mamma Mia! is so excited to share their hard work with the school at the preview on March 13. The whole school will come to the auditorium to watch this amazing performance. The cast has been putting in so much effort to make this big hit musical a great success. "Enjoyable and high energy show," expressed senior Owen Russell. They have been practicing since December and have met daily for three hours. The cast has fifty-two people, ten in the pit, and forty-three in the stage crew. Senior Michael Lattari says, “One of the biggest casts we’ve had in a long time.” Everyone makes such a huge effort to make this musical the best it can be. The musical is the plot of the first Mamma Mia! movie but it has music from the first and second. The show is about an hour and a half with a ten-minute intermission.

The story of Mamma Mia! follows the girl, Sophie, and her mother, Donna, through Sophie's wedding. Sophie is attempting to find her father. She found her mother’s old diary that she had written in the year Donna was pregnant with her. She found three possible fathers, Bill Austin, Sam Charmichael, and Harry “Headbanger”. She invites all three to her wedding in an attempt to find who the real father is. 

The cast is in absolute awe with the amazing set and costume designs for this year. Everyone has agreed that the set is the best and biggest part of the show. Lattari explained, "The set will be two houses, a pier, all sorts of fun things you will have to come see. This is going to be the biggest we've done in a while." 

Senior Michael Lattari is the student director for the musical. "It's a lot of work, it means I have to be on top of everything, I've been to every rehearsal, and I have my hands in everything. I go where I'm needed," he said. 

Junior Jillian Uzelac is the student choreographer of the show. The choreography in the show is super fun, quick, and a little bit intense. Jillian says, “It was so much fun to be able to student choreograph for Mamma Mia. The entire show is one big dance party, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to work with the cast to make that come to life. Everyone I work with is so talented and sweet. The whole cast is just one big family and everyone is ready and willing to put the effort in. I love all of the songs in the show, so it makes it even more fun to create some of the dances. I hope that everyone will come see the show and want to get up and dance by the end of it.”

Two of the leads, junior Jake Pazin and sophomore Elise Duckworth are playing the love interests, Sophie and Skye. They are incredibly close and love working together.

In the musical, Elise will be wearing her own mother’s wedding dress during the wedding scene, which is a very sentimental and melancholy experience for her and her own family watching her in the audience.

In the show, the relationship between Donna and Sophie is very tight-knit. Elise said, “We looked at the cast list together and I started sobbing.” Senior Lauren King and Elise Duckworth have known each other since they were young, and they can not wait to play this iconic mother-daughter duo together.

Hopefully, you can come to see this amazing show that the cast has put so much effort into. The shows are on March 15, 16, and 22, and there are two shows on the 23rd. See more and buy tickets at

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