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PRHS Students Lead Creative Writing Workshop

Written by sophomore Brooke Deegan for The Rampage Newspaperstudents lead a writing workshop in a classroom

For the past thirty-one years, PRHS’ Gifted Department has been thoroughly organizing and executing a Creative Writing Workshop geared towards the innovative and imaginative minds of middle-school students within the area. This year, on Tuesday, February 13th, this immersive workshop took place at the PR Middle School, where children from several neighboring districts came together to learn from PRHS student mentors and create a myriad of miniature literary pieces under this guidance. The fostering and nurturing of creativity is a process that is undeniably important and valuable to students, especially at such young ages, and PR does its utmost in regard to working on it through this remarkable program. 

The middle-school students who indulge themselves in this day filled with writing activities are not the only ones who benefit from the experience—high-schoolers do as well. Beginning sometime in September each year, a handful of students at the high-school congregate with one another under the leadership of teachers Sra. Hines, Dr. Poole, and Mrs. Deal, and catalyze the process of creating adequate prompts to both inspire and instruct the children when February arrives. The first step to this is deciding on a theme. This year, the theme which students chose was “Creation Nation." It was far more unique and thought-provoking than the ideas in years past, which were normally something simple, such as “Hollywood” or “Ocean.” Though those past themes were wonderful, the notion of “Creation Nation” was one that had never been done before, and therefore it truly challenged students to think even farther outside of the box than they ever had before. The whole goal of this theme was to focus on the concept of world-building, and to have the middle-schoolers sincerely hone in on their imaginations while characterizing a universe they could use in their works. Through a series of prompts which the high-school students wrote and created, they were able to accomplish this. These prompts were in the form of fictional news stories, poetic anthems, citizen dialogues, and even more intriguing imagination igniters.

two students stand next to the white board“All of the prompts really allowed the kids to experience all different sorts of writing, and overall was very beneficial to them. That’s one of my favorite parts of the workshop,” said sophomore Elizabeth Liebe. 

During the workshop, PRHS students had the opportunity to exercise their mentorship skills as they progressed through their prompts and assisted the children in fostering the inventive aspects of their brains. At the beginning of each station, high-schoolers presented their prompts, read the examples which they wrote, and then allowed the kids to get to writing on their own. Whether someone needed help with understanding the prompt, coming up with a fascinating idea, or spelling a word, the high-school students remedied all of the little issues so that the children could write the absolute best booklet of writing that they could. 

Sophomore Ella Yanni said, “Teaching the kids is a valuable opportunity, and each year, I’m increasingly impressed with their creativity and talent.”

The Creative Writing Workshop was, yet again, a massive success for PR. The fact that it presents the most imaginative children of the area with even further inspiration and guidance year after year is simply fantastic, and how it allows high-school writers to immerse themselves in the art of leadership is priceless as well. And, for decades to come, it will continue to inspire and encourage children to write fearlessly.

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