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High School Students Win 51 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

April 8, 2024

Sixteen Pine-Richland High School art students and six writing students recently won 51 awards in the regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. These awards are considered the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious fine arts awards for students.
Gold and silver award-winning works were displayed at Carnegie Mellon University’s Fine Arts Building. On Saturday, March 23, art and writing students were honored in an award ceremony. 

Gold Key Award winners move on to national judging, the results of which will be announced in April. 

Writing Awards

  • Logan Blackwell, 12, Am I Not Your Son? (poetry), Ode to the King in Yellow (poetry) 

  • Sophia De Jesus, 12, Bedeviled Jewel (short story), To You; My Memory (poetry)

  • Aurelia Landis, 11, Winter House (short story)

  • Siena Yoon, 11, Grand Marais (science fiction), Asian American (personal essay), The Hundred (science fiction) 

  • Brooke Deegan, 10, Tapestry (poetry), I come home to no one (poetry), The Forgotten Library on 47th Street (poetry)

  • Elizabeth Liebe, 10, In Dark Corners (poetry), Between the Lines (poetry)

Gold Key Awards

  • Megan Black, 11, 70s Fashion (digital art)

  • Logan Blackwell, 12, In One Ear; Out the Other (digital art), Fault Lines (digital art)

  • Ella Guo, 12, My Library (portfolio), The Good Earth (painting), Metamorphosis (painting)

  • Kiera Moskala, 11, The Theater (photography)

  • Riley Turner, 12, Soulmates (digital art), Descending Library (digital art), The Heart of Gaza (editorial cartoon)

Silver Key Awards

  • Megan Black, 11, 80s Fashion (digital art)

  • Logan Blackwell, 12, Drawing Blood (digital art)

  • Amelia Doughty, 9, Sleeping Dog (mixed media)

  • Ella Guo, 12, No Longer Human (painting)

  • Charlie Ozelski, 11, The Patio (drawing and illustration)

  • Jay Schwierking, 12, Bro; I’m Dead (sculpture)

  • Riley Turner, 12, Natural Reflections (portfolio), Mother’s Love (digital art), Escaping the Dungeon (digital art)

Honorable Mentions

  • Mark Berkheiser, 11, Over and Over (digital art)

  • Logan Blackwell, 12, How Hungry? (digital art), Word Play (portfolio)

  • Walker Clack, 12, Bullied (digital art)

  • Ella Guo, 12, Wuthering Heights (painting), Lolita (painting), I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (painting), Respite from Sorrows (painting)

  • Abby Hengelsberg, 9, Firework Frenzy (mixed media)

  • Jenna Henry, 11, Deep Connections (painting) and Mediocrisea (painting)

  • Abby Hoffman, 12, Hubris (digital art), The Death of Hector (digital art)

  • Erin Murray, 11, Hair Healing (painting)

  • Ren Telles, 12, The In Between (sculpture)

  • Riley Turner, 12, Fallen Creation (digital art), Hall of the Mirror (digital art), Aimless Adventuring (portfolio)

  • Annie Wu, 12, Stories from My Mother (portfolio)


Gold Key-winning art pieces clockwise from top left: Soulmates by Riley Turner; In One Ear, Out the Other by Logan Blackwell; Descending Library by Riley Turner; Metamorphosis by Ella Guo; The Theater by Kiera Moskala; The Good Earth by Ella Guo; and Fault Lines by Logan Blackwell

a collage of award winning art work submitted by students