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Freckle Platform (K-5)

Freckle LogoFamilies can access the Freckle subscription for Mathematics and English Language Arts. 
The Renaissance Freckle platform will also be synched with the Renaissance STAR 360 benchmark assessments throughout the year, beginning in August 2021. This integration will allow two-way sharing of achievement and growth data between both the STAR 360 computer-adaptive assessment system and the Freckle applied practice application. In addition to the automatically populated fact practice and adaptive math lesson, teachers are also able to assign specific content and practice material to students, which will appear in their online “backpack.”
To keep students interested and engaged, the students will earn and accumulate virtual coins with which they can purchase clothing, accessories, and backgrounds for the avatar they have created. These incentives will keep students motivated extrinsically, while they are developing the intrinsic motivation and feelings of self-accomplishment and pride in their efforts which lead to growth and achievement.