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PRMS Establishes Goals During Re-Designation (2019)

Schools to Watch Historical Photos Over the term of the Schools to Watch re-designation we will work on the following goals in 2019. They include:

  1. Pine-Richland Middle school teachers will work collaboratively by subject area to develop common assessments. The data will be utilized to make improvements to instruction and to the district’s written curriculum.

  2. Through the use of professional learning communities, co-teaching teams will utilize co-teaching modalities to meet the diverse needs of all students in our co-taught classrooms.

  3. Pine-Richland Middle School will develop and deploy decision trees for English Language Arts and Mathematics as part of our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. The decision trees will help guide each academic team of teachers in developing individualized learning/support plans for students in need of enrichment or remediation.

  4. Pine-Richland Middle School will consider adding a MakerSpace/STEAM Lab. The implementation of a MakerSpace/STEAM Lab will foster our student’s 21st Century Skills, creative problem solving, collaboration, as will generate further student interest in STEAM disciplines.

  5. Pine-Richland School District and Pine-Richland Middle School will promote additional student voice opportunities to initiate enhancements to the overall school climate.