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Seventh Grade Team Qualifies for State Odyssey of the Mind Finals

Students wear costumes in a hallwayPine-Richland Middle School’s seventh grade Odyssey of the Mind team qualified for the state finals following the Western Regional competition on March 2 at Keystone Oaks. Sophia Cosgrove, Katie Gliptis, Ellie Kaufman, Ovini Liyanage, Lydia O'Leary and Violet Zappas will travel to Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, on April 6, with parent coach Mrs. Amy Gliptis and sponsor Mrs. Kathy Deal, to compete. 

Leading up to the competition, teams spent the last five months solving a long-term problem and developing an eight-minute presentation for the competition.  Teams were also required to spontaneously solve a problem given on the day of the competition. Teams were scored on their long-term problem solution, presentation style and their solution to the spontaneous problem.

six students sit on gym floorPRMS' seventh-grade team created a presentation to solve the long-term problem Classics... Opening Night Antics: Some of the most entertaining and memorable performances are ones that overcome unexpected problems. Unexpected antics range from actors forgetting lines to backdrops falling and everything in between

The team demonstrated how the show must go on and portrayed the opening night of an original play based on the theme of a classic story. The creative emphasis of the problem was on the performance, how the theme of the classic story was presented, the set malfunction, unexpected sound effects, team-created antic and a theater critic character.  

The Odyssey of the Mind program promotes creativity by challenging teams to solve divergent problems. Through team brainstorming and role playing, participants learn teamwork, the appreciation and understanding of others, and that a group is a more powerful thinking force than an individual.