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8th Grade Sustainable Color Theory Art Projects

March 1, 2024

In keeping with the district's initiative of sustainability, Mrs. Angeloff’s 8th grade art classes created paintings on unconventional materials that would otherwise be destined for landfills. After studying the designs and motifs of Native Americans and 1st Nations cultures, students created paintings in relief in a complex 10 step process.  Each piece is a student’s self-expression of the animals and insects that personally spoke to them. Color theory and design principles were interwoven into the project. A special thank you goes to retired teacher Sue Korenchack for her donation of records long ago and teacher’s aide Kim Mullins for the donation of black tiles from CMU.

The display of selected pieces will be shown at the Pine Community Center walking track from March 25–April 30 when they will join all Middle School art work for the 23-24 Art Show on May 7.

*Congratulations to the following students: Amelia Kubicka, Adeline Schmitt, Eisen Faust, Isabel Montani, Luca Napolitano, Riley Goutmann, Kieran Anderson, Sophia Giebel, Elanyse Hernandez, William Claycomb, Abigail Koszarek, Lucy Wynn, Adalei Rees, Anna Wojcik and Abigail Galluzzo.