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Students Stitch Up Goodwill

Pillowcase Students in the Pine-Richland Middle School Family and Consumer Science classes are creating pillowcases that they are donating to Children’s Hospital North in Sewickley.

Students pick a pattern and then sew the pillowcase, which is then shared with young patients. In addition to the pillowcase project, the students write a letter to the recipient of the pillowcases.

“The feedback we get from this amazing partnership is wonderful,” said Teacher Maria Klingenberg.

Students are surprised to get letters back from children. They thank them for making their stay at the hospital.

Students in Ms. Klingenberg and teacher Erika Graham’s classes say they like the project from start to finish.

“I like sewing and the fact we donate the pillowcases and make the kids happy,” said eighth-grader Shane Simpson, who made a dinosaur pattern pillowcase.

Eighth-grader Anastasia Pillar, who made a horse-themed pillowcase, said that she had fun making her pillowcase because it wasn’t so easy.

“I liked making the pillowcase because it was a challenge to finish it,” said Anastasia. Pillowcase

Sometimes the and fun is in picking the theme as explained by eighth-grader Tyler Fleming, who sewed a Pens-themed pillowcase.

“The Pittsburgh Penguins appeal to all ages, so I thought all of the kids would like this theme,” Tyler said.

All the students that shared their pillowcase these agreed that they really hope that the project brings them happiness.

“I think they’ll feel happy and joyful that someone handmade pillowcases for them,” said eighth-grader Isabelle Youchak, who made a Hello Kitty themed pillowcase.