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Sixth Graders Become Weather Experts

The unpredictable weather of Western Pennsylvania is providing the perfect, real-time laboratory so to speak for Eden Hall Upper Elementary students, who are tracking the weather.  Sixth graders are using iPads to graph wind speed, temperature, humidity and more. Weather Station

Teachers Eric Farmer, Christopher Shaulis, Damon Duncan and Samantha Dumpe received a grant from the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund to purchase iPads that work with a weather station that sits right behind Eden Hall Upper Elementary School.The grant provided $9,870 for the teachers to purchase 30 iPads.

The weather station named “Weathy” by students and teachers can track wind direction, wind speed, precipitation and atmospheric pressure. The data is sent to an online site and students can download and analyze the information.

Eventually, the information will be shared with Underground Weather, one of many online weather data collection sites.Students are also using Google apps and other apps such as iMovie, We Video and Adobe Spark to record, edit and publish their findings.Project Director Eric Farmer says the goal of the project is to provide technology as a way to provide a more dynamic approach to teaching science to sixth graders.

“These iPads will allow teachers to utilize a more student-centered approach to extend and enhance science labs/lessons,” he said.

Every sixth-grade student will have the opportunity to communicate lab results and scientific concepts that they have learned through multiple applications. Students will have the opportunity to video record science labs as they are performed. This will allow them to more accurately obtain data, and create a video communication of their findings to be published for future classes and the community to explore.


Weather Station

weather station

Weather Stataion