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Students Opt for More Science Studies

Chemical Chaos Kids and experiements (Oct. 9, 2019 – Gibsonia, PA) Students at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School are opting for more science studies after hours through the help of the Pine-Richland Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Education (PAGE).

Former educator Joan Batson, who taught at the Natural History Museum, led a recent program entitled Chemistry Chaos with the help of parent volunteer Louise Chasman.

Ms. Batson said that the kids love the program because there are no tests or homework.

“It’s just exposing the kids to something interesting and fun, and we need science,” said Batson.

PAGE Vice President Rita Kastner said the association has been sponsoring afterschool programs for about five years.

On Oct. 9, 2018, students are shown here in the pictures dumping cups containing yeast and warm water into water bottles filled with dish soap, green food coloring, and hydrogen peroxide.

They were able to watch with great excitement a chemical reaction in progress as the green foam bubbled up and flowed over the top of the water bottles. During the lesson, students learned about solids, liquids, gas, and plasma

The after-school STEM activities are open to all students. Previously, PAGE has offered various activities ranging from engineering to robotics.