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Visitors Spark Interest in Various Careers

Robots Students took time to learn about various fields of study at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School, which hosted a special day dedicated to careers on December 14, 2018.  Visitors spoke to students about their expertise in a variety of fields. Fifth and sixth graders had a chance to hear more about education, finance, government affairs, engineering, nursing, data science, software engineering, data science, and physical therapy.

The event introduces students to careers in the area and allows them to meet with guest speakers who can give them more information about their careers.

In addition, students and instructors from AW Beattie Career Center in McCandless also participated in career day. They brought in equipment from their programs to conduct interactive, hands-on demonstrations. Some of the topics included emergency response, robotics, and sports medicine.

Students were able to ask questions, which included salary range, educational requirements and more.

The success of the event can be credited to community, parent and local business volunteers who volunteered their day to teach children about opportunities in the workplace, under the direction of organizers Brad-Leigh Coker, Lauren Hawrylak, and Jennifer Miller. 

This year’s list of volunteers included: Frank Amato (Data Science), Nancy Barnes (Occupational Therapy), Matt Blough (Law Enforcement), Kari Nejak-Bowen (Higher Education), Ben Campbell (Higher Education & Engineering), Glenn Cottrell (Architecture), Jason DeVito (Portfolio Manager), Rachel DeVito (Chemical Engineering), Richard Fuchs (Software Engineering), Rashard Gathers (Business Management, Melissa Girty (Government), Jennifer Hey (Supply Chain Management), Bryan Iams (Government Affairs), Terra Jackson (Nursing) Heather Kisow (Shelter Advocacy), Philip LeDuc (Higher Education), Patrick McDonald (Chemical Engineering), Carla Meyer (Higher Education), Christine Misback (Physical Therapy), Major Michael Morrison (Military & High School Education), Valerie Pearce (Software Engineering)  Tyler Quinn (Research), Watler Scheide (Financial Advisement), Dr. Kristen Silbaugh (K-12 Education), Mike Schneck (Investments),  Jennifer Taormina Gross (Occupational Therapy), Heather Weir (Financial Advisement), Amy Whitsel (Perinatology), and Elaine Zalewski (Animal Assisted Therapy).


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