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Students Solve Coaster Caper Mystery

Coaster Caper Mystery/Students solve problems Students at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School had the chance to take on the role of a sleuth in the “Detective Science” program that was held after school in November and December of 2018.

Everyone loves a mystery and that was the case for these young detectives who worked to  discover "who done it." Students were challenged with an imaginary crime. One session involved students solving the  “Coaster Caper Mystery.”

Students had to investigate who damaged a roller coaster. They looked at suspects, their alibis and motives, in addition to a variety of other clues. Each clue provided the evidence necessary to eliminate the suspects one by one until the guilty culprit was found. In addition to using deductive reasoning skills, the students took notes, organized data, and analyzed evidence in a classroom forensic lab.

The program was hosted by Eden Hall Upper Elementary Teacher Eric Farmer and retired EHUES Teacher Janet Bock.