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'One Book, One School': Family Focus

In an effort to cultivate a community of readers, and encourage a life-long love of reading, for the next five weeks, Eden Hall will be reading Save Me A Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan.  All students and staff have received a copy of the book, and classroom teachers are building learning activities around the book. We are looking forward to the conversations that happen both at school and at home.

Food and family, what a great combination!

Food is a common theme throughout the book. So here are some opportunities for your family to connect to our One Book, One School program through food. 

  • Eden Hall Family Cookbook: In order to showcase the families and cultures of Eden Hall, we will be publishing an electronic EHUE Family Cookbook.  Eden Hall families are encouraged to submit one recipe that holds special meaning for your family. Use one of the recipe card templates below or create your own. Limit one 8.5” x 11” (vertical) recipe card per family. Recipes cards can be neatly handwritten or typed and can include one family picture.  Please make sure that your family name is on the recipe card. Please scan your picture, as the recipe card will not be returned. Submissions are due by Feb. 28, 2019. 

  • The Family Dinner Project: From Project Zero at Harvard University. Family dinners bring about greater self-esteem, better grades, and improved resiliency.  Through this project, the organizers hope that “families will come together to share their experiences and insights to help each other realize the benefits of family dinners.” From budget-friendly recipes to conversation starters, this website helps families improve the quality of mealtime interactions.

For more information about this EH initiative, vist the 2019 Eden Hall One Book, One School website.