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Fifth-Grader Earns Writing Award

Young Author Storyworks Magazine named fifth-grader Emmerson Muchnok a winner in its writing contest. She participated under the direction of Language Arts Teacher Michelle Brockway. Storyworks is packed with contests to get students excited about writing and earn prizes.

Emmerson earned an award for her story entitled “How I helped the Chickens,” which centered on the main character Izzy’s apprehension of participating in a protest march to help better the treatment of chickens.

“We loved [Emmerson’s] professional and detailed newspaper article, written from the perspective of lzzy,” said Publisher Lauren Tarshis. “[Emmerson] did an excellent job at not only getting into the mind of lzzy, but also describing what the march was like. Fantastic work!

As a result, Emmerson earned a copy of “In Your Shoes,” by Donna Gephart.

If your child would like to enter a writing contest, visit Scholastic Incorporated’s upcoming contest link.

Rachel Hathhorn