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Students Earn 3rd Place at STEM Competition

STEM Pine-Richland students earned third place at the STEM Design Competition hosted at Duquesne University on March 6, 2019.

More than 80 teams of fourth, fifth and sixth graders were tasked with creating an environmentally-friendly machine that could move three objects at least six inches across a table. In addition, the machines were required to include a crane to pick up the object, move it at least 6 inches, and set it back down.  

 The sixth-grade team was made up of Eden Hall Upper Elementary students Violet Vigliotti and Elena Morse. The fifth-grade team included Eden Hall Upper Elementary students Zachary Shingledecker, CJ Ray, Alex Kastner, and Martino Jang.

GATE teachers Jennifer Kopach and Joanna Sovek oversaw student participation.