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Science Olympiad Requires Problem-Solving Skills

Science Olympiad Collage

Science Olympiad Collage Competition, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are just some of the ingredients used to formulate a successful science Olympiad each year.

Students in fourth grade participated in the Eden Hall Science Olympiad by hosting two days of science experiments April 10 and April 12, 2019.

Some of this year’s science experiments include Slowly Sinking Animals, Barge Building, Puff Mobiles, Rubber Band Catapult, Manipulations, Gunk, Reflection Relay, Write It, Circuit Wizardry, and Lab Ratz.
“I really like science especially problem solving,” said fourth-grader Liam Downey.

One of the highlights for both Liam and fourth-grader  Connor Lubarsky is working with their friends.

“We get to work with our friends,” said Connor. "It's really fun."

Dozens of parent volunteers, staff members, and fourth-grade teachers not only work to make the program educational, but they also work to make the program memorable.


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