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Famous Artist Visits Eden Hall

Famous Artist Visits Eden Hall Students are studying the French & Indian War in fifth grade and had a rare visit from a local author who captures that significant time in history through his paintings.

Mr. Robert Griffing visited Eden Hall Upper Elementary School on Friday, May 24, 2019. He shared information about a number of his works of art that he has painted throughout his career.

As a child, Mr. Griffing was always curious about Native American culture. He loved to collect arrowheads and eventually he shared his love through his artistic talents by painting Indians showcasing what they wore.

Mr. Griffing specializes in 18th-century paintings and he talked about how he is drawn to the Civil War-era images because of the attention to detail. He has sold many paintings over the years. They can be seen in textbooks and art collections.

Many of the students asked questions after his presentation and one student asked what his favorite painting was.

Mr. Griffing said that his favorite painting was one with a big tree which is called We Dined in a Hollow Cottonwood Tree.

He is the grandfather of a sixth-grader Ben Santiago, who is a sixth-grader at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School, and grandfather to ninth-grader Gabrielle Santiago. Their mother is a Richland High School graduate Rayna Santiago.

Teacher Colleen Raupp says the students will wrap up their studies by visiting the Fort Pitt Museum, where Mr. Griffing’s work can be seen a top of a mural at the entrance.