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World Culture Day at Eden Hall

World Culture Day at Eden Hall Students at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School had the opportunity to learn about 32 countries without leaving school during the fourth annual World Culture Day on May 10, 2019.

There were 58 speakers, who represented 32 different countries that came to share their cultures with the students. Most of these speakers were parents of students in, but there were also aunts/uncles, grandparents, family friends and neighbors of students, in addition to staff members and friends of staff members, as well as foreign exchange students from different high schools in the area.

In the morning, the fourth-sixth grade students rotated to different classrooms to hear presentations on the different countries and learn about their cultures. In the afternoon, there were many different activities that the students could sign up to participate in. There was a culture-themed assembly in the auditorium and a World Language Fair in the gym. More than 160 fifth and sixth graders who participated in the World Language Club this year spent the whole year researching a country and putting together items for a booth such as posters, brochures, games, and recipes pertaining to their countries.

There were also high school students from the Spanish, German, and Global Relations Club that came to speak to the students.

This event was organized by the two World Language teachers Sarah Mlakar and Mary Anne Sanders. They also had support from Principal Steven Smith and assistant principals Joseph Domagala, and Pula Giran as well as the counselors Jen Miller, Lauren Hawrylak, and Brad-Leigh Coker. The PTO also provided help under the direction of Chairperson Louise Cashman.  In addition, PRHS French teacher CC Kelly, German teacher Lauren Poetain, and Spanish teacher Kristin Hough helped organize the high school students visit the school.