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Eden Hall Presents the Follies

The Eden Hall Upper Elementary School held its Annual Eden Hall Follies Show on May 31, 2019. The staff had the audience singing, dancing, and laughing the entire time.  The staff took their show biz assignments seriously by dressing up and performing various numbers that they rehearsed in advance. The show featured Family Feud, a Rock Band and a lip dub to “The Greatest Show” and much more. Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely and Katerina Kitty Kat even made an appearance.

About 500 family members, friends, and students packed the auditorium.

Bravo to the entire faculty for showcasing talent and modeling kindness, joy and collaboration for our kids,” said Parent Jeff Evancho.

Proceeds from the ticket sales benefit the Eden Hall Community Fund, which will go towards supporting local families in times of need.

View video below and photos below the video. 



 Eden Hall Presents the Follies Eden Hall Presents the Follies