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Students Paint in EH Library

Students Paint in EH Library  Eden Hall Upper Elementary School students have been painting a mural in the library over the past three years. Every year a different group of students is picked to work on the mural. The students bring their ideas and drawings to Librarian Beth Shenefiel and Art Teacher Katelynn Tronetti, and then they will pick students to continue the work on the mural.

Mrs. Shenefiel and Mrs. Tronetti organize have been organizing this for the past three years.

“Painting this mural ties the arts in with the library,” said Mrs. Shenefiel. “There was a lot of blank space in the Library so I thought we should add some color.”

The group that was selected for this year include sixth-graders Layla Hirscboeck, Haaris Adeel, Chase Lavezoli, Kesley Katsfey, Aris Kralios, Amelia Lapinski, and Maura Scuillo.

Maura and Kesley said their biggest challenge when painting the mural, during the week of June 10, 2019, was making sure the leaves were placed correctly on the trees and the shading of the roots on the tree trunks. They also talked about how they were nervous when initially bringing their ideas to Mrs. Shenefiel and Mrs. Tronetti because they thought there would be other students whose drawings were better.