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Students Participate In Sustainability Project

Students Participate In Sustainability Project  Sixth graders at Eden Hall Upper Elementary shared their architectural designs with a panel of experts on May 3, 2019. Students were challenged to repurpose space at neighboring Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus in a sustainable and meaningful way to better serve the community.

They worked in small teams, created a design and model and made a presentation to a panel of community experts. The students shared their projects and visions to a board of architects and professionals in the EHUE auditorium.

The Architectural Design Challenge addressed many areas in science, technology, art, mathematics.  Students developed an understanding of:

  • Technological Design
  • Personal & Community Health
  • Solutions Using a Systematic Process to Deal with Constraints & Meeting Criteria
  • How to Analyze Data to Determine Similarities & Differences among Several Design Solutions

The students not only had to work as a team to research their design but create it and present the final project to the panel. Through presentation, the students explained not only the successes of the project but the challenges. The project taught students not only design skills but to be flexible.

Each sixth-grade group who participated earned awards and included:

  • Penguin Award - W.C.O.M. - Roger Williams, Allen Chen, Elena Morse, and Charlie Ozelski
  • Penguin Award - Sustainable Silk - Parker Scott, Nedda Immen, Anna Karmanos, and Nathan Lee
  • Student Award - JMGM - Mike Tunder, Josh Lanyard, Grant Brauer, Matthew Koss
  • Student Award - Web.Co - Chase Lavezoli, Will Tamburri, Brady Baker, Erin Murray, and Nia Marsh
  • Student Award - C.H.M.L. - Bradan Lenz, Heath Cwynar, Anthony Mengine, and  Ian Hurt

Teachers Jennifer Kopach and Joanna Sovek worked with the sixth-grade teachers and students. The panel of judges included: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation Executive Director Louise Sturgess, Chatham University Sustainability and Education Coordinator-Community Programs Kelly Henderson, Architect Paul Tellers, Architect Elmer Burger, Historic Preservationist Sara McGuire, Landscape Architect Nicole Kubas, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Staff Member Carolina Tamayo, IKM Incorporated Staff Member Melanie Como Harris, and Architect, and Chatham Professor William Biss.