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Students Find Themselves Back on Campus to Tap Into Creative Side

Students Find Themselves Back on Campus to Tap Into Creative Side Students Spend Summer Hours at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School participating in the Young Writers Institute on June 17 - 21, 2019. This institute is encouraging young writers to come together and learn about all types of genres and be exposed to new genres.

At Eden Hall, there were a total of 24 students, who are participating in the week of writing. The majority of the students were from Pine Richland, but other students were from North Allegheny, Winchester Thruston, Seneca Valley, and McMurray. The students range from fourth to eighth grade. There are three groups of students and each group is assigned to a teacher. There are about ten kids in each group. At this program, there are student interns from Pine-Richland High School that come in every day during that week and help the students with their writing. The interns that were there helping out were sophomores Micheal Allessi and Madeline Jewart.

Teacher Kathy Giegel is the coordinator of the Young Writers Institute and she was assisted by Pittsburgh Public School Teacher Jen Mazzacco, Richland Elementary School Teacher Bonnie Allessi, Librarian Beth Shenefiel, and retired Teacher Deb Newcomer.  Ms. Giegel says the cooperating teachers are apart of the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project. Those teachers are in turn learning as well. The teachers participate in a program for a week to write and learn more about writing. Kathy thought it would be a good idea to start something like that for students around the area because she said, “there is no limit to writing.”

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019, Cameron Barnet who is a published poetic and a very successful writer came in and spent a whole day with these kids. He talked about how he became a writer and he did a mini-lesson with each of the groups. They also took a trip to Chatham University this week. The campus tour focused a lot on sustainability.

The Pine-Richland Chapter of Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Education (PR PAGE) sponsored the Young Writers Institution.

To find all of the wonderful things the students created and wrote during this week click here: