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Students Participate in Classroom “Campground”

student writes bookFirst grade students in Miss Mezey’s classroom were given the opportunity to apply what they learned throughout the school year and became authors in a fun and welcoming environment.

Using the writing process, students planned, drafted, revised, edited, and published books on topics of their choosing. Writing, an often daunting task for first graders, quickly became a favorite part of the week.

After seeing the excitement and pride students had in their work, Miss Mezey wanted to find a way to celebrate their accomplishments as authors. That’s where the idea of “Campfire Stories” came about. As a class, students made invitations and sent them out to parents to join them virtually and celebrate by the “campfire” within the classroom. This provided students the opportunity to show off the books they worked to create while also giving parents a glimpse into the classroom.

This small idea then turned into a complete classroom transformation to go along with the theme for the day: camping. Miss Mezey created camping bulletin boards, decorated her door, and turned each student’s desk into a tent for the day. They read books in the dark with flashlights, took a spelling test under their tent, and earned glow stars to stick on the wall for following the RAMS way.  The class finished the day with reading their written stories by the campfire to their peers and parents. This fun experience was also a celebration for the 1st graders for finishing their school year.

students in tents

















students reading with flashlights