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Read Principal's End-of-Third Quarter Message

Dear Hance Families,
As we near the end of the final quarter of the 2021-2022 school year, I feel it’s important to reflect back on all the positive things that have taken place. It’s amazing to see the amount of growth the students have made throughout the school year. Many exciting things have been happening in the building and we are excited to finish the school year making it as memorable as possible.
As we finish the 2021-2022 school year, we have a lot to be excited about in the fourth quarter. Our RAMS Way Team continues to innovate new ways to engage kids. Throughout the school year, we have used our fish “Swimmy” in the front lobby as a motivator for engaging students in positive behavior around the building. Students have taken advantage of the diverse opportunity of caring for and observing the fish outside the cafeteria. We hope to continue to leverage this building-wide pet as a way to teach students responsibility as well as reinforce positive behavior and kindness.
In February, we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. Students were able to write about something kind or something that followed the RAMS Way that was demonstrated to them. These acts were displayed on our kindness rainbow set up by Pop and Sparkle, the resident kindness elves who help positively reinforce the RAMS Way as well! After students wrote or drew about these kind acts, the class was able to light up the positives by displaying a mason jar with special magical fairy lights to celebrate! 
March started strong by celebrating Women’s History and Music in Our Schools. We celebrated this by studying influential women in a variety of fields on the morning announcements as well as through our Storywalk. Read Across America week was celebrated with a review of books we have tied to our building theme this year as well as a fun spirit week! In March, we also continued to collaborate with the PTO to hold after-school activities. We also re-launched Kids of Steel with the support of parents helping to coach! We are excited to be able to offer all of these engaging opportunities that promote personal growth and resiliency!
During the third quarter, we also held a RAMS Way assembly that included special prizes for classes that reinforce positive behaviors. We also launched our Bam the Ram initiative to connect home and school. Don’t forget to submit your child’s name so they can receive an acknowledgement. As a reminder, Bam will visit on Monday mornings to drop off a special RAMS Way ticket and a sticker for their water bottle with glitter embedded as a special acknowledgement. Please utilize this line form to submit a positive referral to me so that Bam can leave an acknowledgement for your child on Monday mornings through the end of the school year.  
Throughout the fourth quarter, we will also continue to engage in meeting our building goal during RAM time. Many fabulous things are happening during this time to keep students engaged and progressing. We continue to monitor student data and make appropriate placements for both intervention and enrichment. Students who remain in Tier 1 can participate in a variety of learning activities in either small group (using creative means) or individually. Teachers continue to share strategies they are implementing and learn from one another’s success.
As we continue to learn and grow through the fourth quarter, we will begin thinking about the 2022-2023 school year. Over the next three months, we have a variety of in-person activities set up that we are excited about to celebrate student transitions and the kick-off of summer vacation. We have some fun activities being planned for the summer and will be deciding our 2022-2023 theme which I will announce in my quarter four update!
Educationally yours,
Greta Kuzilla, Ed.D.
Hance Principal