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Read Principal's 4th Quarter Message

Dear Hance Families,
As we enter summer break, I wanted to provide a quick update of celebrations from Hance Elementary during the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter flew by very quickly, but we ended very positively.
We kicked off the fourth quarter at the end of March with a RAMS Way assembly. Students played a game of battleship live with their classmates. Students were excited to show what they know about the RAMS Way and how to follow it in the cafeteria and the bus. Students were able to earn special rewards by sinking the ship like mini golf in the classroom, bubble blowing, and karaoke. 
Students also got to meet the new fish that Pop and Sparkle, the Kindness Elves, delivered for the final quarter of the school year. We continued to review our anchor book and reinforce “We’re all the same team” through our communications.
In April, we celebrated Earth Day with a variety of activities. Students had several spirit days to celebrate our goal to improve our sustainability. 
We also revealed our new slide and were able to launch a celebration on May 5th to “slide into summer.”  Parent volunteers were available to take photos and help supervise this new equipment. This will be a great addition to our playground, and we are excited to leverage it as an area for additional brain breaks and fun during the school day.
Students were engaged in Plant Day which we celebrated on Friday, April 29. Students worked with parents during their recess time to plant silky dogwoods. 
We also studied fairy tales in grade three and created a fairy garden in one of our raised plant beds. Students were able to write about something kind or something that followed the RAMS Way that was demonstrated to them. These acts were displayed on our kindness rainbow set up by Pop and Sparkle, the resident kindness elves who help positively reinforce the RAMS Way as well! After students wrote or drew about these kind acts, the class was able to light up the positives by displaying a mason jar with special magical fairy lights to celebrate! 
May was filled with all the exciting end-of-year activities! We incorporated our Recycle and Upcycle Fashion Walk on May 9th. Students showcased their creativity and collaboration to walk the fashion show exhibiting their sustainability efforts. The annual Third Grade Move-Up Day was reinstituted. Third graders were able to visit Eden Hall Upper Elementary to learn more about their future there.  
We also held Junior Achievement Day on May 20th. Students learned about a variety of real-world skills related to our module. Parents of third graders were engaged as volunteers teaching the students lessons and spending the entire day with us. The Hance PTO also helped us celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  
In early June, we worked to coordinate with the Hance PTO to hold the annual Third Grade Carnival. Students were excited to experience this as a class.
This summer we are excited for our continued Summer Read Aloud series to occur in the outdoor classroom on July 13 and August 8 at 10 a.m.
Students will be able to hear stories linked to our theme for “2022-2023” which will be “Bee brave. Bee kind. Bee a friend. Welcome to the Hance Hive!” 
Kindercamp will be held June 13 and 14. We will also be running an in-person Book Fair June 13-15 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please stop out and visit!
Looking forward to seeing everyone back at Hance in the fall! Good luck to our third graders and their families moving on to Eden Hall!
Educationally yours,
Greta Kuzilla, Ed.D.
Hance Principal