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Car Rider Reminder

If your child is a car rider, please ensure that you have your school-provided green sign hung from your rearview mirror as you pull up with your child’s number and name displayed. The sign should remain up until you exit the car rider line. The sign needs to be in clear view during the entirety of your time in the car rider line for staff to ensure we are loading students appropriately.

Additionally, if you are taking another student home with you with parent permission, you should have the other student’s driveline name and number displayed and hung from your rearview mirror as well. If you do not follow this procedure, we will ask you to pull over in the parking lot until we receive permission from the other child’s parents/guardians. Thank you for helping us keep your child(ren) safe and for your patience!

Of special note, please note that during all drop off and pick up times, everyone should remain inside the vehicle at all times. This includes the AM and PM kindergarten pick up and drop off lines. It has been noted that children are hanging out of windows and sunroofs while in line waiting. This could be a hazard if someone were to be rear ended while waiting in the line. Thank you for your cooperation and helping to keep everyone safe in advance.