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Message from Principal


Dear Hance Families,
It’s hard to believe we have bypassed the halfway mark in the 18-19 school year. The second quarter at Hance Elementary was filled with activities that are helping us work toward our mission of “Focusing on learning for every student every day.” There are many things happening at Hance Elementary, and we are working on taking “bite- sized” action steps to make these goals become a reality. A lot of progress has been made and is influencing the students’ experiences daily.
After parent-teacher conferences, our focus returned to our two building goals. Our building goals are centered on writing and math. Our writing committee met in mid-November to develop a common lesson plan driven by data to target areas of deficit. This writing committee collaborated and shared the common lesson plan with all the other K-3 teachers in the building. We are working to implement this lesson plan and share reflections with one another by the end of January. In regard to our math goal, we are continually focusing on implementing our new math resource with fidelity. In early December, a team of teachers met and developed a self-reflective checklist identifying areas of strength and need for more peer coaching or collaboration.
As I previously mentioned, we continue to focus on educating the whole child, including social and emotional aspects. In December, we also had our first quarterly “Kindness Assembly.” Through our building theme, “There’s no place like Hance,” we are continually recognizing students for their good behavior in the classroom with yellow bricks, on the bus with red bricks, and in the cafeteria with the green emerald gem. At our assembly, we chose to pull yellow brick tickets for students to have lunch at the principal’s choice table in the cafeteria. We will host this lunch one time per quarter as an additional way to celebrate our students. The principal’s choice table will be adorned with a white tablecloth and flowers. We want to continually reinforce positive behavior and are excited for our students to be engaged in memorable activities.
Additionally, in quarter two, we worked to have our Sensory Path Hallway installed. We are excited for our students to have the ability to use this on a daily basis when they need a sensory or movement break. We are also collaborating as a team to implement morning announcements from our new TV studio that has been created in our book room. We are hopeful that by using the TV studio, we can address the whole student body at one time, and use third-grade leaders to present to a captured audience. Students are able to view the announcements in their classroom on the interactive display board. We hope to leverage this new technology to share writing from our Drop Everything and Write (DEW) journals in the third quarter so that all grade levels have the opportunity to participate.
As we enter the third quarter, I ask that you continue to be engaged with your child at home.  Instead of asking, “How was your day,” try asking some other open-ended questions instead. Some examples of these questions might include, “What made you smile today?  Tell me an example of kindness you saw or showed today. How did someone fill your bucket today? Whose bucket did you fill? Is your class earning yellow bricks in the cafeteria?”  Asking these types of questions will allow you to get a sneak peek into the school day. In the coming quarter, we hope to continue to focus on our PRIDE values and “enHance” the experience for all of our students at Hance Elementary!
In collaboration,
Greta Kuzilla