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Hance Emphasizes Positive Behavior

Hance Elementary School continues to focus on educating the whole child. On December 14, 2018, the school hosted its first quarterly “Kindness Assembly.”

Staff members are continually recognizing students for positive behavior in the classroom by giving them yellow bricks; red bricks for positive behavior on the bus; and emerald gems for positive behavior in the cafeteria.

During the assembly, Northern Regional Police Officer Mark Wolfe helped choose names of students who earned bricks to participate in a lunch to celebrate the positive behavior. Lunch will be hosted in the cafeteria at a table chosen by the principal, which will be adorned with a white tablecloth and flowers.

Principal Greta Kuzilla also recognized staff members who helped with the many of initiatives that were underway in the school.

The assembly also featured a cheer about character traits such as responsibility, respect, and kindness, which was coordinated by reading teachers Carin Liberati and Sara Hughes. Counselor Tammy Godino spoke about these character traits and Officer Wolfe read a story to reinforce kindness.

"We feel it is really important for the children to respect each other and be kind," Ms. Godino said. "We have been working really hard on this since the beginning of the year."

Each student wore a t-shirt donated by the PTO that read #bethekindkid.