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See Reminder About the Virtual Mode at RES

The virtual option is an excellent opportunity when your child isn't feeling well enough to attend in person, but feels well enough to participate in our classes from home.
It is important for you to notify the teacher and the office that your child will be attending virtually by at least 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the change. However, any notice sooner is greatly appreciated. This will provide some time for teachers to prepare classwork assignments online and post them to our Google Classrooms. It may, however, take the teachers a day to gather materials and arrange for a pick up for physical materials, so the early communication is crucial. We appreciate your understanding and support. It is also still okay for our students to need a “sick day” and to go on educational trips while not remoting in and instead making up the work upon return. The 1:1 devices are great for keeping us connected, but sometimes we all need a break. Please do not feel you cannot have your students take time from school for sickness, appointments, or travel.
We do ask that anytime your child is missing school for illness, you please email the homeroom teacher, math teacher for grade 3, and Mrs. Cassandro, our school nurse. This helps expedite our process of getting any information related to our COVID-19 protocol to you.