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Dear RES Ram Families and Students,
Richland Elementary School
My wish is that everyone enjoyed their spring break and the week back to school! The students returned a little on the sleepy side on Tuesday but quickly jumped right back into the flow of engaged learning with their classmates and teachers. When I popped in and out of the classrooms in the morning, I heard so many great details about the breaks; they sure sounded exciting! 
On Tuesday’s announcements, I let everyone know that we are starting a new, individual incentive program to promote our RAMS Way expectations in the building. Right now, whole classes are able to work together to earn Rams Heads that are put on display outside of the classrooms. Weekly, the highest earning class in the grade level gets to choose a reinforcement activity or prize to celebrate their teamwork as a homeroom. This new program will recognize individual students as they display their RAMS Way behaviors and meet the building expectations and earn Ram Bucks (tickets). Later in the month, we will be opening a school store, where the kids can spend their Ram Bucks on items in the store. If you would like to contribute to our school store, we have a few criteria for item donations: there must be at least 10 of each item (things become popular quickly), they must be less than $5 if purchased from a store, nothing edible, and must be school appropriate. Place your item donations into a bag/box, label it “school store”, and either drop it off in the vestibule during school hours or send it in with your student. Right now, we have everything from mini Rubiks cubes to water bottles, book marks, pencils and squishies, black light pens and much, much more! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 
Third grade parents, our students will be taking the PSSA tests this school year. The testing sessions are in the morning, more details about testing and dates from the District can be found below under District News. Please know that if your child is late to school on a testing day and the testing session has already started, they will not be permitted into the testing session and will be placed on the make up list for later in the week. Please start to promote the following with your students to get them geared up for testing: eating a healthy breakfast, going to bed early for a good night’s sleep, making sure they have a water bottle with them at school, and remind them of good test taking strategies. I want this to be as stress free as possible for our students, perhaps even look at it as more of a celebration of their learning and hardwork. No matter what, we are PRoud of our students and all of the growth and progress they make each day. Though this assessment gives us quality data about our students and school in comparison to others across the state, it does not define them as a student. 
Now that the weather is mostly nice, our students are outside for recess often. That means that up until about 3:15 we have students outside on our grounds in the back of the building. Please be mindful and careful as you drive around the back of the building close to dismissal time for car riders. We want our students to be safe as they enjoy the outdoors and travel to and from the building for recess. 
As always, thank you all for continuing to collaborate with our teachers, staff, and me. I am truly so grateful and proud to be where I am, working with such a wonderful team at RES, your fabulous students, and YOU! Enjoy all that April offers, both the rainy days and sunshine, as they are both a part of the growth and beauty of spring. 
With PRide,
Ms. Jenna L. Sloan