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See Simple Ways to Support the PTO

Fundraising is necessary to maintain and enhance all of the PTO-sponsored events that we have, such as assemblies, family fun nights, field days, and many more! Due to our generous families and fundraising events, we have been able to support the school library, build the playground pavilion, add benches to the nature walk, and provide amplifier microphone systems to our teachers. We look forward to doing so much more!!

Year-Round Programs


Shop through and select Richland Elementary School PTO -- 0.5% will be donated to the RES PTO from purchases.


Please turn in receipts you collect from the Wexford and Cranberry Chick-fil-A locations, and the school will be able to collect 20% of the totals to earn money towards school events. Mark an envelope titled "Chick Fil A PTO" and send the envelope into school.