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Read Principal's October 1 Message

Greetings RES Ram Families and Students,
Happy October! The season has transitioned from summer to fall, the leaves will soon start to change and the chill will stay in the air. On the journey of this school year, it is a transition as well. We’ve used the first five weeks to build our routines and procedures, teach expectations, get a gauge of where students are entering school in terms of their skills, and build relationships in our classrooms and school. Now, we will start digging into curriculum, new experiences, new friendships and learning! I am beyond proud of the beginning of this school year. Please keep reading for a few updates from RES.
Assembly: On Monday, October 4, we have our first PTO-sponsored assembly! The “Wonders of Wildlife” program will be here from the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium with live animals and what I imagine to be a great deal of excitement and learning! To support the assembly as an audience, we’d love for our students and staff to wear animal-themed clothes for the day. Ask your children what they thought of the program when they get home from school on Monday!
Physical Distancing in the Cafeteria: We started in the cafeteria with three feet between students. We found across the district that it was requiring a high number of students to quarantine when they were identified as a close contact to a peer during lunch. Last week, I worked with our custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers and students to get everyone spread out to six feet. Our cafeteria extends into the hallway but is the safest way for us to be unmasked during lunch. There should not be a need to quarantine based on close contacts in the cafeteria, unless there is an extenuating circumstance. This should help keep more of our students in school learning and healthy -- our ultimate goals!
Student Safety & Afternoon Car Rider Line: Our students are enjoying the beautiful weather while we have it! Therefore, the road behind the building is closed from 9:30 a.m.-3:25 p.m. I know that the car rider line begins to develop fairly early; however, we ask that if you are at the school prior to 3:25 p.m., please pull into the parking lot at the auditorium end and start developing the line there. This is for the safety of your children while they are still outside at recess or other outdoor activities throughout the school day. Thank you for your cooperation and focus on student safety.
Volunteering & Health/Safety: We are hoping to be able to bring back the in-person book fair, fall parties, and other opportunities for our students that we would typically open up to many volunteers. We are, however, conservatively welcoming parents and volunteers into the building to continue to reduce exposures to COVID-19. Therefore, volunteers for parties and other school and classroom events will be extremely limited. If you don’t get to volunteer, check in with the teacher or PTO to see how you can help from home by preparing items or donating; and remember, your children will still get to have these wonderful learning experiences and make memories. We will do our best to share photos and keep you informed while keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible. Additionally, some classroom events are still being modified to not require volunteers at this time. 
Staying Home When Sick: Lastly, please continue to monitor student symptoms at home and keep them home when they are ill. This is an important part of our health and safety plan in the district. Though we are offering learning opportunities synchronously or asynchronously when children are in quarantine that’s determined by the Department of Health or the district, please remember that our children also get regular sick days when they don’t feel well. We are still navigating our way through how the pandemic is impacting the education of our students, but we are doing our absolute best to make school a warm, welcoming environment for all of our students to learn and grow!
With PRide,
Ms. Jenna L. Sloan