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Read Principal's October 22 Message

Greetings RES Ram Families and Students,
I believe we have finally turned the corner into fall weather, so please make sure your kiddos have an extra layer with them at recess. It is helpful to put their name in it somewhere -- in permanent marker on the tag, if possible. In case it gets lost, we can return it to its owner.
Here are some reminders for our upcoming Halloween/Fall Party and Parades on October 28. Please read to make sure your child is meeting the expectations for their costume to participate. 
For students in first grade, please send a costume to school with your child that can easily be put on top of their normal school clothing. Please label the bag with the child’s name and put your child’s name somewhere in the costume. For kindergarteners and grades 2 and 3, please have your child wear their costume to school. Please be mindful that your child will wear this for the entire school day and will be atttending class to learn content during the day.   
Costume Guidelines for ALL Students:
  • Costume only masks are not permitted per CDC guidelines.  
  • Student face coverings (regular CDC-approved masks or face coverings) will serve as the students “masks.” These may be removed for the parade if it is outdoors.
  • No weapons or weapon lookalikes should be sent in with costumes.
  • Please plan for costumes that can be taken on or off independently so that students can perform essential daily living functions independently (Ex: using the restroom). Students will not be leveraging the bathrooms to change clothes as they will be worn during the school day and its entirety. For 1st grade, since it will go over their clothing, they will put their costumes on in their classrooms. 
  • No blow-up costumes will be permitted. If a child comes to school in one, parents/guardians will be notified to come pick it up. 
  • Please practice wearing the costume with your child prior to October 28 so that they know how to manage their school day while wearing their costume or fall attire.
  • Please consider costumes that do not have multiple snaps, zippers or ties.
Please TAP or CLICK HERE to view the times for the parties and parades by grade level.
Thank you all for your cooperation and support. We are excited to make the day special and safe for everyone!
This week was National Bus Safety Month! We discussed how our students can make RAMS Way choices on the buses including sitting bottom to bottom, back to back in their assigned seats and saying good morning to their drivers when they hop on each day.
If your child would like to participate in PennDOT’s Poster contest, please click HERE for the details! This is not affiliated with the school’s art class; it would be a completely independent project and participation. But, I know we have some wonderful artistic talent here at RES, so I wanted to share the opportunity!
We will see you at conferences next month!!
Jenna L. Sloan