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Dear Richland Elementary Parents & Families,
Welcome back and Happy New Year! I am certain we are all hopeful that 2022 brings brightness and positivity to our families and community. I am certain that our students have returned to the building to a warm welcome from teachers and staff, as well as classrooms of sharing and learning. 
This week we re-visited the RAMS Way and Big 3 expectations on the announcements, reminding students of positive and safe ways to be here in school together. I shared the following quote of the week with them by author, Cleo Wade, “Always remember that you are worthy. Always remember that the world needs your voice. And always, always, always remember that no one, not one single person in the entire universe can be you better than you can.” She is the author of the book, “What the Road Said”, which we read as a building on the announcements in the fall while discussing our theme of, “I can see the leader in me”. This quote continues to embody our belief that every single person here, student or adult, brings value to our school and learning environments, and we celebrate that at Richland Elementary School! 
This week, we also continued to work through some of the state-mandated safety drills that we conduct throughout the school year. We have been discussing what a building lockdown would look like in the classrooms previously in the year, but this week we conducted one in conjunction with our District Safety and Security Coordinator, Mr. Andrew Petyak, for feedback. We always emphasize to students that there is no current danger but that we want to be prepared to keep them safe with any of our drills, to include severe weather, fire, or any other emergency situation. 
My hope for everyone in the New Year is that you find a positive in each day with your student. Sometimes, the most valuable question in the evenings can be, “what was the most enjoyable part of your day” and “why”? And, please, push them beyond recess and lunch, because that seems to be a pretty standard response! 
Thank you again for your partnership and support. 
Jenna L. Sloan