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Wexford PTO Launches New Website

New this year, the Wexford PTO is rolling out a new WPTO website through membership toolkit. This website will be accessible from the Wexford Elementary website under Resources/PTO. Questions? Contact the Wexford PTO at
Membership toolkit is a website, communication center, volunteer system and self-building directory. It centralizes all PTO information in one place.
WPTO information including events and activities will continue to be published in eNews (Friday Flash, etc.) and on the Wexford Elementary School website & calendar.

Sign Up Now! 

Parents/guardians must register online to add their child/children's information to the directory and to access all PTO information. This easy-to-use system replaces the online student directory form and printed directory for Wexford families.

Sign Up Here!

The Student Directory will be online in an easy-to-use app for your phone/tablet (username and password protected). This new website and directory is for Wexford Elementary families only. 

Important Note

The student directory is provided by the WPTO for the convenience of Wexford parents and students. The information contained in the directory is not to be used for mass emailing or solicitation purposes of any kind.

Special Note if You Have Children in Other Buildings

If you also have children at Eden Hall, PRMS, or PRHS, please remember that you will need to complete the online form provided at this link to be included in those buildings' Student Directories.

Student Directories, Home Access, eNews

The information provided on WPTO's website and the online Student Directory is for the WPTO and the online Student Directory only. This information does not affect your information in Home Access or your email registration for eNews (Friday Flash, The Week Ahead, etc.). 
  • To make changes to Home Access, complete the demographic form that will be sent home with your child at the beginning of school.
  • To make changes to your email address registration for eNews, email and provide your old email address and new email address.