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Wexford Elementary hosts “Fun Day” for Students

students participate in Fun Day festivities


On May 17th, Wexford Elementary hosted its first “Fun Day” for all students of the elementary school.

This idea for this day was based on the book A New Day by Brad Meltzer, which all students of the school read. In the book, each day of the week advertised a job posting for a new day to be added to the week. 

Drawing inspiration from the book, each class was tasked with creating one “New Day” idea for the whole school. These ideas were “New Days” that Wexford Elementary could have within reason and following COVID restrictions. Posters for these ideas were then displayed around the school for the students to see the different ideas. After that, students voted on the idea they most wanted to see happen. Some of the ideas were “Yes Day,” where teachers would say yes to most suggestions from students throughout the day, or “Teacher Switch Day,” where teachers would switch classrooms for one day and teach a different class of students. Ultimately, “Fun Day” won the vote and students were happy with the results.

At “Fun Day,” students were able to participate in fun activities such as tug-of-war, Jenga, kickball, and dance parties. Even Rammy the Ram decided to join in on the fun!

This event helped students express their creativity and collaborate with each other. This end of year celebration was a great way to reward students for all their hard work throughout the school year and connect all students through one book.