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Read Principal's May 20 Message

Monday, May 23, 2022 is 1-4-3 or I-Love-You Day at Wexford Elementary School and across Pennsylvania. 143 Day is celebrated in honor of Mr. Fred Rogers, our favorite Pennsylvania neighbor. He used 143 as his special code for “I Love You” based on the number of letters in each word.
On the 143rd day of the year, we encourage our Wexford Elementary Students to share acts of kindness. Your child will recognize the special code because it is frequently used on the daily announcements. Wexford families are also invited to celebrate 143 Day in their homes and in our community!
We would like to encourage you to check out Dr. Miller’s blog on the Pine-Richland website where he is detailing his “Day in the Life” experience shadowing students in all grades across the district.
Recently, he shadowed Lennon in Mrs. Snyder’s first grade class. You can read his blog posts by clicking HERE